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All USA orders ship first class mail for free. Or a flat $6 more for priority mail shipping

All international orders are $13 shipped


Pooty Paintballs Facebook page / For latest projects and weekly anno shop pictures

Custom 1-1 Pooty Guns In stock and ready to ship

- Email us

Custom anodized markers made to order in the colors you choose

- The New Luxe Ice pre order is up. Get your new Pooty Luxe Ice custom anodized in your colors for only $1600!

- (In stock and ready for custom anno) Planet Eclipse CS1

- (In stock and ready for custom anno) Dye M2

- (In stock and ready for cusdtom anno) Shocker RSX

- (In stock and ready for custom anno) Macdev Clone5

- (In stock and ready for custom anno) Macdev Cyborg 6

- (In stock and ready for custom anno) Luxe OLED


New Projects

- The anno shop is open. Email us for a anno quote. We are only anodizing full guns right now. Our facebook account is the place to go for pics and info

Anno overview video -


Just added items

- New Limited Run of Gloss Cocker Threaded Freak Barrel backs and in stock


- Limited Run of custom anodized Shocker RSX Blade triggers now in stock


-Just made a new section on the site called "The Used / Prototype items" section. This has section will have Pooty prototype items that will all be 1-1 rare items and used items that will be almost new.

- The new Pooty Ego - Lv1 - Etek - Etek5 bolts are done and shipping

- Shocker RSX Custom Anodized accents

- Shocker RSX Factory spare parts, Pressure testers and Master Tech Kits are now in stock

- New Planb Barrels in stock (limited supplies)

-The new Pooty Axe / Mini Bolts are back in stock. Also the new Rhino springs are in stock

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