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- Our site uses PayPal for all payment processing. The most secure payment processing company in the world. Our site does not store any credit card or atm card info



--Return Policy--

Pooty Paintball does not accept any returns for parts or upgrades. It is your job to make sure you have ability to install and correctly tune your own gun. With people testing parts, selling there guns, using them for problem diagnoses, and simply have a lack of there own gun knowledge to diagnose what there real issue is, we simply cant afford to accept returns. If you have an issue with your gun we will do our best to help you fix it. If we think your parts are defective we will exchange your parts once we test them as being defective. If you don’t agree with the above please do not place your order. It is your job to know your own paintball gun or have the ability to take your parts to a good gun tech. Every part we sell has been fully tested in our guns before the product release. Most of the bigger upgrades also have videos that show how they work.

Proper o-ring fitment is something the customer must do.  Every part we sell has the correct o-rings installed on them. In some rare cases custom o-ring fitment to your parts must be done by you if need be.

All paintball Guns are warranted with the original manufacture.

All non defective orders or orders placed by mistake will have a 15% restocking fee.



"USA customers"

All Items are shipped First Class mail for free in the United States.

Some items ship Priority mail for free (If noted in the item description).

All items can ship Priority mail in the United States for a flat rate of $4.

We do our very best to get out all orders the same day they are placed.

The post office has a local cutoff time of 3:30 Pacific time and we dont work on the weekends.


"International Shipping"  ---MUST READ

International customers have a flat rate $10 shipping charge for USPS First class mail with no tracking. You will receive "customs tracking" with the $10 first class mail option. This is not tracking! This customs tracking will only update once your countries customs receives your box. It will not show you step by step tracking like "Priority mail express" tracking does.

The only service the US post office offers that has tracking is with its Priority Express mail option. We can email you a quote based on your country and product weight.

If you need faster international shipping that has tracking please email us before you place your order so we can get you a rate quote and send you a invoice.

!! - We do not refund or replace lost International shipments -- Period - !! 

We are not responsible for what your countries post office or customs clearing agency does with your order.. So please do email us if you want a express mail shipping quote for your order.

Lost first class mail shipments are rare, but can happen if your country has a bad post office system or customs clearing agency


--Custom Guns--

Pooty Paintball offers ZERO gun refunds. Every gun we sell (Unless noted as used) has a warrantee through the manufacturer after it leaves our hands. Not with Pooty Paintball.

We turn down allot of customer gun orders for the folloing reasons = Complex design needs, turn around time, copy of a factory guns anodizing.

Pooty Paintball will never copy another guns anodizing. Anodizing is artwork and you can never expect another gun to look just like another.

We cancel 30% of our customer custom gun order for many reasons. So please email so we can talk about what your goals are and we will email you a anno chart that has lots of colors to choose from.