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Custom Anodized 1-1 Pooty Luxe Ice

Custom Anodized 1-1 Pooty Luxe Ice
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Price: $1,600.00
Availability: In Stock
Model: pooty luxe ice
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Below is what you need to do before you order this item. This is a great deal at $1600. That’s only $100 more for custom anodizing in your colors. We charge $300-$380 for custom anno work. So if you know down the road you will want your Luxe Ice anodized, this is the time to spend that extra $100 and have it done your way from the start. Save money, time and have a killer super custom Luxe Ice from the start.

We can make these is dust or gloss

The best place to look for color ideas is our facebook page. Every gun we have anodized is posted on our facebook page.




1- Email to go over the colors you want your gun to be. Once we OK your color choices we will give you a code to enter in the notes of the order.

2- There is no refunds for custom anodized guns. By purchasing this item you agree to this term and know that you will not be refunded if you cancel. This info is also in the "terms and conditions" on our site.


3- If you are not in the USA you must let us know so we can get you a shipping quote before you place your order.

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Custom Anodized 1-1 Pooty Luxe Ice
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